Siltbuster HB50

The Siltbuster HB50 Settlement Unit is normally operated at flow rates of up to 50 m³/h and can be combined with our range of chemical dosing equipment to provide removal of fine, slow settling solids.

The solids (sludge) collected by the unit settle within twin pyramidal hoppers and are easily removed by opening a gate valve on each hopper, eliminating the need for the unit to be taken off line for emptying, beneficial for applications where continuous operation is required. An auto-desludging system can be provided with the unit, to provide timed pumping of sludge from the hopper and a side access walkway is available to provide access to the top of the unit.

The HB50 is provided with lifting eyes and a removable skid, which incorporates forklift slots. The skid allows operation of the unit on solid ground and does not require a concrete slab. For permanent installations, the unit can be provided with feet and bolt holes rather than a skid.