Siltbuster D100

The Siltbuster D100 DAF is typically operated in conjunction with either a 4” or 6” pump at flow rates of up to 150m³/hr. The unit has a top mounted mechanical scrapper which automatically removes the recovered product, enabling the unit to be continuously operated.

The D100 is the most popular unit in the range and also the largest. The D100 is built within the footprint of a standard 20’ shipping container and can be offloaded using a Hiab. This makes transportation both within the UK and further afield easy; D100 installations have been provided to sites as far as Libya. Unlike the other units in the range, the D100 has a bottom auger to remove any heavy solids. This keeps the height of the unit down and maintains the treatment capacity.

Using proven solids/liquid separation technology, the DAF units create ‘white-water’ by dissolving air under pressure and then releasing it to form micro fine air bubbles. The solids attach themselves to the air bubbles which rise to the surface. The solids are thickened by natural de-watering and removed by means of a mechanical scraper.

The Siltbuster range of chemical dosing systems can be combined with these units to offer enhanced removal when you need to meet tight consents or for those difficult to treat applications.