Siltbuster CM400

The Siltbuster CM400 utilises a high performance coalescing media pack, to remove even fine oil globules and provide a sheen free treated water discharge.

The CM400 is a self-contained unit which removes free hydrocarbons by passing water through an Oleophilic (hydrocarbon attracting) media. The Unit is built for above ground applications, fabricated of mild steel, skid mounted with a small footprint and ready to install and operate.

Each unit is capable of handling flows of 20m3/h-40m3/h depending on the application and has no power requirements.

The Siltbuster CM400 uses HD Q-PAC Coalescing media pack which has the following important advantages over conventional corrugated media:

  • Can achieve removal efficiencies of over 99.9% for oil droplets larger than 20 microns in diameter.
  • Proven ability to meet the requirements of both EPA Method 413.2 and European Standard EN858-1.
  • Excellent self-cleaning and anti-plugging characteristics which extends the operating period between de-sludging when treating suspended solids contaminated oily waters.
  • A maximum operating temperature of up to 100°C.