SPS Provides Compact Solution for Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) removal at Leading UK Poultry Supplier

28 Feb 2018

Diaper Poultry Ltd is an award winning family firm, situated near Stowmarket in Suffolk, with its origins dating back over a century and with over 60 years history of processing chickens. Now run by the Third Generation of family members, the site needed to further enhance its operation by installing an effluent treatment plant, and it turned to Siltbuster Process Solutions for help.


The site typically generates up to 110 cubic metres of effluent a day, which is discharged to sewer under the terms of a trade effluent consent issued by Anglian Water. With their drive to reduce blockages within the sewer system, Anglian Water needed to see a reduction in the FOG content of the effluent, which is a normal by-product for this type of business.


Clwyd Jones, Business Development Manager at SPS comments: “As part of our initial consultation we carried out free in-house laboratory test work, so we were confident that traditional chemical pre-treatment followed by our packaged Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system would deliver the required improvement to effluent quality. The challenge on this project was the lack of available space for which our modular systems are particularly well suited.”


The Diaper Poultry factory occupies a fairly compact site, and is situated in a small village with nearby houses so it was important to provide a solution that would enable the owners to have a new treatment system installed within a small footprint. The effluent screens were already in place to remove the larger solids and some feathers, so the additional treatment needed to comprise a small balancing tank, chemical dosing systems, a Siltbuster D25 DAF system and a sludge holding tank.


Eric Froggatt, SPS Project Engineer continues: “The site is really well-kept and maintained, and it was a pleasure working with Graham Mills, Diaper’s Engineering Manager, to plan for and execute the work within a tight area – once installed a building was to be erected over it so it was important to think everything through carefully.  Now you’d never know there was a treatment plant there!”


“Seeing this project through to its successful conclusion had an added significance for Graham, as this was his last before retiring in December” – John Diaper, Director of Diaper Poultry adds. “To the credit of Graham, our George Collins, and all involved, the effluent we now send down the sewer has been transformed.  Complying comfortably with the tighter discharge consent, we typically see over 90% reduction in Total Suspended Solids and over 70% reduction in Chemical Oxygen Demand.”