SPS issue research report on Industrial Effluent Treatment

8 Jan 2018

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SPS has commissioned an independent study to assess how the UK manufacturing community is managing its wastewater treatment assets. We wanted to better understand companies’ priorities, investment plans and problems in this area. How is effluent treatment, as a production process, perceived and managed, plus, of course, what happens when things go wrong?

Research was carried out, surveying 41 production heads of companies drawn from around the UK in a mix of industry sectors from food and drink manufacture, pharmaceuticals, metals manufacture, chemicals, and petrochemicals through to paper manufacture, brewing and distilling, oil, gas and waste management.

The results show that under investment has made companies vulnerable to treatment problems which threaten compliance, with 30% having a significant problem in the past year. The drive to increase plant throughput has left little capacity to deal with production spikes and changes in effluent characteristics caused by new products. The take-home message is that a more joined-up approach incorporating contingency planning would save costs and ensure compliance.

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