SPS Deploy Four MBBR Units To Major UK Client

10 Jul 2019

Siltbuster Process Solutions has delivered the first two units of a four unit shipment to a key UK customer’s remote country site. The MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) system has been designed and manufactured in South Wales based on deploying extensive experience with offsite build principles.


Siltbuster’s approach to developing modular solutions was a driving force to provide a robust but yet flexible solution to the client. The MBBR biological treatment solution is a significant addition to the business’ capability and this MBBR65 unit as a standard product provides significant treatment capacity within a small footprint. The system is complemented by the range of other modular treatment systems that can be readily deployed to provide a capital or operational response for site resilience or process optimisation.


The company’s experience of mobilising treatment solutions across the UK ensured that the client had confidence in the offsite build process, where logistics planning plays a fundamental part. When combined with the Monmouth manufacturing facility, it allows the Siltbuster business to tailor modular water treatment systems for specific applications across a wide range of sectors and applications.