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15 Sep 2014
Siltbuster Shortlisted for Major Environment Award
Siltbuster, the UK’s leading water treatment specialist, has been shortlisted for CIWM’s prestigious UK Sustainability and Resource Industry Awards. The companies MRF Glass Separator is a ...
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9 Sep 2014
Siltbuster Welcomes the Tour of Britan to Monmouth
Siltbuster welcomes the Tour of Britain to Monmouth.
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4 Feb 2014
Siltbuster’s New Biological Treatment System
Siltbuster Process Solutions, the UK's leading water and waste water treatment specialist, have launched a new Biological Treatment System which offers companies three times the treatment ...
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4 Dec 2013
SPS Increase Treatment Capacity at Heliuis CoRDe, Rothes
SPS has continued its active support of the Whisky distillery sector in 2013 with projects that included the installation of its largest packaged lamella Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit for ...
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4 Sep 2013
SPS help GETRAG Ford Transmissions solve an effluent treatment problem
Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS) recently assisted GETRAG Ford Transmissions at its Halewood plant in resolving a potentially difficult and costly effluent treatment problem. A solution was ...
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With the focus on all of us to stay well and keep safe, exhibitions and events have been postponed. #Siltbuster is…
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Great write-up in Water Industry Journal: #Siltbuster has designed and mobilised one of the UK’s largest ever tempo…
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