Monmouth-based water treatment specialist sees boom in exports

5 Jan 2016

Siltbuster, the Monmouth-based water treatment specialist, is reporting a boom in exports over the last year.

The firm reports that its exports have increased significantly in the last year, with products being sold or hired to 32 countries including Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland and Australia.

Within the construction sector Siltbuster is the UK’s leading authority on water treatment and silt pollution prevention, with its fleet of more than 200 treatment systems routinely out on hire.

On the export front this has included supplying equipment to Roadbridge in Ireland for its Corrib Gas pipeline works, a 180m euro contract.

Siltbuster also provides water and effluent treatment solutions to industrial businesses such as mine operators, food and drink manufacturers, steel companies, brewers, chemical businesses and water companies. Its systems have treated mine water in a disused mine in Slovakia and enabled a major industrial facility in Libya could be reopened.

The group appointed PR Power, a leading hire company, as its exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand in 2014, and in the past year has sold a large number of units across the Siltbuster range, to serve the mining and construction sectors throughout Australia.

In 2015 the group formed a partnership with Doppstadt, a leader in environmental technology products which serves more than 40 countries worldwide. This partnership has enabled Siltbuster to showcase its products on a global stage.

Siltbuster was one of the few organisations invited to demonstrate its equipment at the Expo show organised by Doppstadt in September 2015. Doppstadt introduced a new range of water-based separation technologies which use Siltbuster water treatment systems. Siltbuster also showcased one of its latest Gritbuster road sweepings recycling machines, the WT-250 to 5,000 potential customers from around the world.

Siltbuster CEO Dr Richard Coulton said: “There has always been a great level of international interest in our systems but this has now translated into substantial sales, and all the signs are that these exports will grow. Companies the world over need to meet environmental responsibilities and minimise their costs. Our products are tried and tested solutions that meet both of these needs.

“We are rapidly becoming known as a centre of excellence for water treatment technology, and with plans firmly in place to double our capacity we are in the perfect position to further drive our export business during 2016.”