Modular Treatment Wastewater Solution for Wessex Water

19 Dec 2019

Working with Wessex Water Engineering & Construction delivery team, Siltbuster have provided a modular treatment solution for Porlock WRC during the upgrade of the existing MBR plant as part of the AMP6 capital programme.


Siltbuster were awarded the works for the provision of a modular wastewater treatment plant to be used to maintain compliance whilst the existing MBRs were upgraded but the system was to be configured to allow future re-deployment. Based on previous work with Wessex Water at Wellington WRC, where MBBR units were deployed during a filter bed refurbishment, Siltbuster worked with the end Client and Capital Delivery Partner (NCMN) in detailing the modular treatment system.


The Porlock site has challenging access constraints that required detailed consideration during the planning stages. Siltbuster worked closely with NMCN, given the complexities of the site access requirements, and timing constraints given the other enabling work activities.


The solution involved the integration of the MBBR units (3 x MBBR30) for biological treatment downstream of the new primary treatment system, consisting of three lamella clarifiers (3 x HB50M). Secondary settlement used three Dissolved Air Flotation units (3 x D25) to ensure the solids was with the prescribed limits for subsequent UV treatment prior to discharge. The three-stream solution ensured that a 22l/s FFT consent was achieved with sufficient capacity for maintenance redundancy during normal flow conditions. All of the process units were designed to be modular for future redeployment as the concept has been well proven given Siltbuster’s previous experience across the industry.


Rich Matthews, Siltbuster Managing Director commented “the project has demonstrated the benefits of adopting a modular system approach and working directly with the Client to understand the site specific and future requirements of the plant. The result of the effective deployment and installation of the system has allowed the whole MBR plant to be taken offline to provide programme flexibility and savings”


Wessex Water Project Manager said “by working with Siltbuster and sharing knowledge allowed the temporary treatment system to be well planned and installed ahead of the capital maintenance project”.


The use of the modular treatment system has allowed consideration for the plant to be re-deployed for further capital maintenance schemes or adopted as part of resilience planning strategies.


Aerial photography is provided courtesy of nmcn PLC