World Water feature: Is 2020 the tipping point for offsite manufacturing?

11 Aug 2020

World Water – ‘Is 2020 the tipping point for offsite manufacturing?’

Manufacturing treatment facilities offsite can deliver multiple benefits for water and wastewater infrastructure projects. Our MD, Rich Matthews, explains in the International and premium publication World Water why a more enterprise-thinking approach to capital delivery is necessary to achieve these benefits.

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The Water Industry comes under greater pressure

As the water industry comes under greater pressure to deliver more responsive and complex investment programs, many are reviewing how they manage and deliver them. This is particularly relevant with the increasing compliance and efficiency pressures being applied. In the United Kingdom (UK), the 2020-2025 investment cycle could prove to be a real opportunity for offsite manufacturing with all the benefits it brings, and a tipping point for adoption throughout the industry wastewater plants to provide a more resilient approach to capital investment but equally more responsive solution for seasonal loads and compliance.

Offsite construction facilitates the ability to deliver modular-based solutions through a responsive engineered approach to meet the needs of today without compromising those of tomorrow. The application of modular build allows for environmental resilience in a climate that requires us to think differently in our approach to capital delivery activities.

There are a number of reasons why the water industry is ready for offsite manufacture. Several sectors, including the wider construction industry, have advanced their skill sets in offsite manufacturing. This gives the water industry plenty to draw on; it can capitalise on this knowledge and skill, adopting the key progression lessons and taking advantage of supply chains, which have already been developed.