Treating Seasonal Production

9 Dec 2016

Over the last 6 months Siltbuster Process Solutions have worked on a number of significant installations to provide site resilience for peak load production sites across the food and beverage sectors. The sites have made excellent use of a responsive fleet of plug and play treatment systems and the technical support provided by our team.

It is becoming evident that the municipal sector is seeing the merits of a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system, and is being used more widely on wastewater sites for a range of applications for capital maintenance or resilience purposes.

For 2016 it is the 7th consecutive year that SPS has provided a pre-treatment system for the Heineken UBL site in Ledbury; operated by Veolia. Using a twin DAF system along with chemical pre-treatment a solids removal of in excess of 90% has been regularly achieved throughout the milling season, where there is an increase in load to the system.

The most recent example has been the deployment of a further DAF system to support the existing effluent treatment at Bernard Matthews during the peak production in the run up to Christmas, where the additional load puts the biological plant at risk. The team responded at short notice and ensured that a solution was fully operational within a few days to reflect on the ability of the team to provide the Client with effective treatment solution, capable of treating 2400m³/day to a high quality in a small footprint.

Looking forward into 2017, the potential for DAF solutions will become more prevalent for either peak load scenarios or to provide additional site resilience across a range of sectors. The size of the Siltubster hire fleet for Clarifiers, DAFs or biological there is flexibility for a wide range of wastewater solutions.