SPS Supports UBL Through Apple Milling Season

25 Sep 2017

For the eighth successive year, Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS) has provided Heineken’s Universal Beverages Ledbury (UBL) with a bespoke large-scale temporary Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system. This has enabled the beverage specialist to treat peak effluent flows during the site’s annual apple milling period.

UBL’s Ledbury plant in Herefordshire was the UK’s first large-scale beverage production facility, and is now a dedicated fruit and vegetable milling facility, capable of processing up to 15,000 tonnes per day. The apple milling period, which typically extends from late August to late November, pushes production to its peak, resulting in significantly higher levels of waste water with additional suspended solids and COD loading onto the site’s own large effluent treatment plant.

At other times of the year, the site’s existing advanced effluent treatment plant, which employs a combination of aerobic and anaerobic processes, is capable of treating the flow and load generated from the site’s production activities. However, during the apple milling period, as the flow and load massively increases, so existing treatment processes need to be supplemented.

UBL first approached SPS in 2010 to address this problem and provide temporary plant to protect the anaerobic reactor from the impact of the suspended solids. SPS’s unique offering meant that it could provide a temporary solution in a very short timeframe, for a hire period of five months throughout the milling season.

The solution involves two D100 packaged lamella DAF units and all the ancillary mixed reaction tanks, containerised dosing and pumping equipment to provide the necessary pre-treatment capacity when it is needed. The DAF units are flexible, modular, easily transportable and ideally suited to food and beverage sector applications, whether the flow rate is 1m3 or 150 m3 per hour.