Siltbuster wins Innovation in Business Award at the Monmouthshire Business Awards 2015

5 Nov 2015

Leading waste treatment specialist Siltbuster has scooped an award win at the competitive Monmouthshire Business Awards 2015 for its innovative Gritbuster technology.

The Gritbuster Recycling Plant, a unique piece of recycling technology from Siltbuster’s Gritbuster range, won the Innovation in Business Award for the huge cost saving capability it offers waste recycling companies and local authorities.

Devised, developed and built by Siltbuster’s engineers at its operation in Monmouth, the Gritbuster Recycling Plant is specifically designed to handle road sweepings, gully waste and ‘trommel fines’ – cleverly using water to further separate out recycling materials.

The benefit of such technology lies in the significantly reduced landfill tax bill materials recycling facilities can enjoy as a result.

When materials recycling facilities separate out waste materials, large amounts of what are called ‘trommel fines’ are created. Trommel fines are typically soil, but will also often contain significant paper, wood, and metal fragments, and other miscellaneous items. In April 2015 trommel fines with high organic content were suddenly subject to a big hike in landfill tax – being taxed at a rate of £80 per tonne rather than the lower rate of £2.50 per tonne they had enjoyed in the past.

Trommel fines typically comprise 80% material that, if separated, would qualify for the lower landfill tax rate. The Gritbuster Recycling Plant is the first piece of technology to separate this from the other “non-qualifying” material and therefore dramatically reduce annual landfill tax bills for its customers. Furthermore, it allows more material to be recycled as aggregate, rather than sent to landfill, which provides an additional revenue stream.

The Monmouthshire Business Award judges were impressed with the results demonstrated by this unique piece of technology. For a typical operator processing 10,000 tonnes per year it delivers tax savings of over £697,000 plus additional income through recycling of £45,000, a combined gain of £742,000.

Commenting on his company’s award win, Dr Richard Coulton, CEO of Siltbuster said: “We pride ourselves on our constant innovation to find solutions to the problems our customers’ experience, and to be acknowledged for our expertise with this award with is terrific. There is huge potential for this technology, both with the 450 recycling plants across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as the major export potential it offers into Europe.”